Breast Augmentation

What kind of surgery is that?
Breast augmentation is a surgery used to enlarge the size of breasts by implanting a silicon implant. Most often, it is performed on a woman with small, loose, asymmetric breast or after mastectomy (breast cancer). The Implant may be inserted:

· under the muscle (the gland is above the implant – this kind of surgery is, most often performed, on young girls
· under the fascia (most often, a combination of under the fascia and under the muscle is done in order to get the natural form of breasts
· With these two approaches, we provide the best quality of intervention, consistency and natural appearance of breasts.
Preparation for the intervention
Laboratory analysis: complete blood count, basic biochemical analysis with coagulation factors, blood type and Rhesus factor
· Internal medicine and cardiologic medical examination including ECG
· Clinical examinations of an anaesthesiologist
· if needed, the breast ultrasound
The complete preparation needed for the intervention (except the blood type and Rh factor) is performed in our hospital and it is included in the price of the operation.
What kind of anaesthesia is used for the intervention?

· General endotracheal anaesthesia; it can be done under local anaesthesia with sedoanalgesia
What are the things I should not be afraid of after the intervention?
· Swelling, pain in the form of pressure on the chest
When can I go home after the surgery?
· The patient stays in the hospital 24 after the intervention
How should I act after the surgery?

· The patient needs to follow the instructions which he/she will receive from us.
· Avoid effort, lifting of heavy objects and exercises, etc. at least for a month until the implant takes its final position.
How long does it take to return to usual daily activities?

· most often a week after; the stiches are removed 15 days after the surgery.


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