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Laser liposuction

Laser assisted liposuction – laser liposuction –smart lipo - laser lipolysis of the whole body
What kind of surgery is that?
The laser ray is housed into the fat tissue through micro cannula (1 mm in diameter); it causes breaking of fat cells turning their content into liquid; part of the fat is vacuumed immediately during the surgery and part of it is discharged by the body naturally within 6-8 weeks.
Pre-operative preparation
Laboratory analysis: complete blood count, basic biochemical analysis with coagulation factors, blood type and Rhesus factor
· Internal medicine and cardiologic medical examination including ECG
· Clinical examinations of an anaesthesiologist
The complete preparation needed for the intervention (except the blood type and Rh factor) is performed in our hospital and it is included in the price of the operation.
What kind of anaesthesia is used for the intervention?

·        It is done under local anaesthesia with analogosedation.
When can I leave the hospital?
·         The patient leaves the hospital the same day.
What are the things I should not be afraid of after the intervention?
·         Transient and usual appearances such as swelling and bruises.
What are potential complications?
· Temporary loss of sensitivity, asymmetry and unevenness which are corrected in an additional intervention
How should I act after the surgery?

·         As usual without any special postoperative procedure.
When can I return to my daily activities?
·        Immediately after the surgery.

Monday-Friday from 09-20h
Saturday from 09-15h

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