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Gynecological (pelvic) exam

Gynecological (pelvic) exam



Gynecological examination starts by talking to the doctor and giving your medical history- talking about your health and reasons for coming, whether you have a gynecological problem, or you need a routine annual examination.


Basically, the exam includes three parts:


1.Visual exam:

-observation of the vulva with palpation of possibly detected changes.


2.Speculum exam:

- An instrument (speculum) is gently inserted into vagina to allow doctor to see the walls of vagina and the cervix.


3.Bimanual exam:

The gynecologist inserts two fingers of one hand into your vagina, and with the tips of the fingers of the other hand simultaneously presses down on the abdomen just above the pubic bone – in the region of the uterus and both ovaries. This way, the doctor can feel the changes in the uterus (enlarged uterus and even the reason for the enlargement, like pregnancy, myomas, etc.), and on the ovaries (inflammation, tumors…)


Ultrasound is a perfect addition to the gynecological exam. For this reason, pelvic US is considered a standard procedure when visiting a gynecologist. US is practically mandatory if the pelvic exam raises a doubt of present abnormality on the genital organs.


Virgin girls go to the rectal exam instead of the pelvic exam. In such cases, US needs to be done over the lower abdomen or rectally, which is recommended.

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