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LHP (Laser hemorrhoidoplasty)

LHP is used for gentle therapy of advanced hemorrhoids of 3rd or 4th grade under appropriate anesthesia and enables the endoluminal laser coagulation of hemorrhoidal nodes. As the energy of the laser is inserted centrally into the hemorrhoidal node, the hemorrhoid can be treated according to its size without causing any damage to the anoderm or mucosa.
No foreign materials (clamps) are needed, and therefore no postoperative pain is associated with this procedure.
LHP is not associated with any risk of stenosis (narrowing of the anal canal).
Healing is excellent because, unlike conventional surgeries, there are no incisions or stitches.
NEW!!!! Hemorrhoid surgical procedure using Biolitec laser:
1. For treating hemorrhoids of ALL 4 grades

2. No surgical incisions; NO WOUND=NO PAIN

3. NO PAIN while defecating after the procedure

4. The very next day following the procedure you can go to work (sick leave is not necessary)

5. NO long-term COMPLICATIONS (chronic pain, difficulty with controlling gases and stool, stenosis of the anal canal…)


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