Enlargement, rejuvenation and filling of small wrinkles above lips

Reduction of too large lips
Small lips – For the beginning, by filling in an optimal quantity of the filler, regardless of whether it is permanent or hyaluronic substance, the lip will become full and sensual following the natural shape without drastic changes on the face.
Smoker wrinkles around the lips is something that every women is shocked by, especially if the problem is combined with the teeth, smoking, age, everything that contributes to old appearance of the face.  By filling the wrinkles with the fillers, your youthful appearances will be brought back to you of which the final results is “minus 10 years”
Lip rejuvenation provides excellent results when fullness and freshness of the lips is lost due to age. By inserting certain quantity of the filler, the lips regain their freshness and you get “minus ten years”
Too large lips have been resolved exclusively in a surgical way, until very recently the result of which was modest, not to say “bad”. Today, with the Smart laser, we can melt the lips and resolve the problem of too large lips. Without scars, cuts…
Preparation for the intervention
· the intervention is performed in a dispensary conditions, without any special preparation
What kind of anaesthesia is used for the intervention?

· it is done under local anaesthesia.
When can I go home after the surgery?
· The patient may leave home immediately after the intervention
What are the things I should not be afraid of after the intervention?
· Swelling and bruises are expected in the days following the intervention
How long does it take to return to usual daily activities?

· If there are not any bruises or swelling, the patient may immediately return to his/her daily activities
Procedure of receipt into the hospital
Consultations with the surgeon are free of charge.


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